What is your favorite and least favorite country you have visited?

Out of all the countries you have been to what's your favorite and which one didn't you enjoy?

Favorite- Australia, good weather, food, people, animals, nightlife.

Least favorite- England, it's a shithole.


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  • england is quite bad i agree, i live here lol.
    But the people here are lovely so thats why i love calling it my home.

    Mine has to be turkey - the dynamic, the food, the people, the place itself was the worst. I advice anybody not to go there for holiday and waste their money like i did.

    No offence to anyone...

    • What was really bad about Turkey? Any incident?

    • Apart from everything else I described, the people dont speak English by the way too...
      Loads of incidents with rude people. There's no way to sugarcoat it, they're straight up rude.

  • Favourite: France. It's beautiful, good food, nice people, rich culture.
    Least favourite: Turkey. Granted, I've only visited the cities that were practically built for tourists. It's a wonderful country though. The people just seem very aggressive and will very offended if you dont buy anything in their store. From my experience at least.


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