Worst neighbourhood you have lived in?

I think I would have to go with Oceanside California or Campbell River in Vancouver Island. I got my gameboy stole my "friends" 2 times. Even though it was a non color gameboy, and one dumbass played it in front of me. It had a soy sauce stain in the control pad. Are you serious boy!


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  • I have Never "Lived in" Any "Worst Neighborhood," @Dtegesd123, However...
    I have Lived off and on in New York, Parts of Mean Queens, that is. I can tell you Honestly that Being in these Bad as Bad Boy areas of Queens, Lincoln Avenue and Fulton Street out in Brooklyn was the Baddest of Not he Best from the Rest.
    Good luck and Yes, I can well Imagine Parts of California not Sometimes "California Dreamin'."xx

    • haha I like the that line "Parts of California not Sometimes "California Dreamin'."xx

    • lol!! Thanks for your Like and with your Like for the Song as well. xxoo

    • Thank you, dear, for the Vote of Confidence. xx

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  • Probably the Porte d'Aix neighborhood in Marseilles. It's nothing for persons who are scared by Muslims and by young delinquents :D :D
    I had to disarm one who thought he could impress me yielding a knife.


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  • This black hole of a town in Gerogia. I woke up once with a random woman standing in my livingroom and my dog trying to eat her. I came home after buying groceries and the neighbor was giving some man that wasn't her husband head in the parking lot. Came home another time and my apartment had been broken into and everything gone through. Woke up another day with 2 gangs surrounding our building amd police everywhere. It was a short stay.

  • I grew up in gangland in Long Beach.

    If you listen to the song "Regulate" by Warren G... the corner where he "hooked a left", and then got jacked, is about 1-2 blocks from my childhood home (where my father still lives -- he's never gna move).

    It was... real. I carried a blade with me from age 10 onward. Nothing significant ever happened to me -- not least because I have 4 brothers, who were all pretty well-connected and well-respected in the neighborhood -- but, yeah.

    It was especially "fun" in high school, when a major local gang fractured into 2 smaller ones, along a dividing line that ran pretty much right down my street.

    • By the way -- Were/are you in the Corps? (I have 2 brothers who are officers, 1 more brother who's a former Marine)

      Can't think of any other reason why anyone would live in Oceanside, except Pendleton...

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