What will be a good prank?

Hey guys,
i need some inspiration, my idiot namber made his wifi name "crazy girl look for old guys (my apartment number)". And I want to get him back for this any ideas of what I can do?
Something cruel and evil would be appreciate it ;)


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  • I would get a router extended (3-channel router plus an additional 3-channel extender), which gives you six channels.

    I would start saying, "Ladies, stay away from weird dude in 7D."

    "Warning, major creep Apt. 7D"

    "Be safe, stay away from perv at 7D"

    "Can Bldg Pls Do Something Bout Dude at 7D?"

    "7D, Not Sure If I Got Your Porn or Daughter's Middle School Pics"

    "Stop sending me Tiny Azn D-Pics 7D!"

    • Or, get his real name...

      "Brian Sanders, Porn Streaming."

      "Brian Sanders, Underage Chat Rooms"

      "Brian Sanders, 11-14 Videos & Pics"

      "Brian Sanders, 15-17 Videos & Pics"

      "Brian Sanders, Sexcoin Crypto"

      "Brian Sanders, Kidnap/Non-Consent"

  • Hire a mariachi band to follow him around all day. Tape pictures of George Washington all over the place. Leave an army man outside his door each morning for a month, then suddenly stop. Confuse, don't abuse. ;)


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  • When he leaves his apartment sneak in there and clog his drain with hair. Put a dead fish in his vent where the air comes out of. Food coloring in his shampoo and body wash.