Is it weird that I feel this way?

I just graduated University.

I don't feel that happy. I feel like a loser.

I think the reason is that I believe I have not been educated enough because my grades were not up to par (they were in my first two years where I did amazing).

But something happened, and now they're not amazing.

I feel almost like I am not that smart or educated because my grades were not that good.

I feel below average. I feel like a loser.

I was wondering if this is normal or I'm being a drama queen.


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  • Drama queen :P LOL
    It's fine you shouldn't make it an issue 😊


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  • It seems like your grades didn't meet your expectations and you're not satisfied with yourself in the end. But it's not that of a big deal you know. It is now the time for you to focus on your career and these negative thoughts won't do any good to you.


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  • Depends on what you majored in... If it was like Haiku making or gender studies then yes I would say you're a failure.

    If you majored in Biochemical engineering I would say being average isn't that bad

    • I wasn't average. I think that's the real problem.

      I was doing amazingly well but I let something really affect me and my marks dropped. I did badly not because I was dumb but because I just didn't put in the effort.

      I graduated with a business degree

  • yo are like me when you get your job you going to understand believe me

    • How so?

      I guess that makes sense. When I was in school and doing badly I reached such a low point that I didn't understand one bad year is not the end of the world. I did better in my 4th year but was never as good as what I was in my first two years.

      Maybe it's the same situation where I'm taking this way too much to heart

    • you answered now.

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