It just me being from a different Generation, or are many in the 21st century completely 'fucked in the head' over the meaning and gravity of Rape?

Growing up it was a topic verging on the 'Taboo', but now, and I am silly using GAG as an example of reality. But, people throw it around willy-nilly, even joking about it and it entering liberally into general conversations with the end result is it is desensitised and its real meaning lessened.

The almost surreal aspect is young women's lack of grasp on it...


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  • You're not alone, man. "Something" happened in the 2000 year-end.

    • It is interesting from your perspective being Japanese.

      With your brilliant nation being symbolised by its adherence to tradition but a lot of modernisn creeping into the youth. Some aspects of it complimenting but others being like turds in the pond

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    • Wisdom is never measured by years, and you stand out for your insights. I do not see talking about sex as a bad thing but i think by you bringing it up I can see how some have equated 'Rape' with greater free speech

      When some things should always remain in private

    • A number of wars, soldiers coming home from conquered territories. where laws were 'more understanding' concerning a 'little los of control's by courageous virile men risking. their lives for America.
      Of course the blatant crimes were punished.
      I suppose it rubbed off on society.

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  • I think social media has made a lot of subjects seem not as serious as it used to be. But even before the internet was a thing, people made fun of diseases and fucked up shit, so i think this subject has been made stand out more than before because a lot more people joke about weird shit these days online. It's so to say a "trend".

  • no, it's not just you... people these days have seriously distorted the meaning of the word rape. For example: P. S. this chick is nuts.

    • @alor1an
      Sure , women complaining must be nuts... in some person's worlds. :-P

  • I think since sex is known more among younger children now, they don't have the capacity to understand the emotions around it. And of course there's a lot of teens like this as well. Communicating with others via social media or sms apps is ridiculously easy so hearing a rape jole can spread like wildfire and if everyone's doing it, it must be okay right? It's just sex right? How bad could it be?
    Also because with age you have experience and gain wisdom so that's also apart of it. Personally I used to be like those teens/kids until it damn near happened and I still have mental and physical scars from it. I guess it's just one of those things that's not the easiest to understand

    • You make a valid point, but from my perspective there is nothing to 'understand'. With it just being known in your being that 'rape' is not something to be taken lightly. I do not want to sound ageist for all generations have their flaws but this grates on me big time

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    • It is wrong from the perspective of people knowing their are some places you do not go...

      let me give you this example. I was working in a bar about 10 years ago and having friendly banter with a few younger workers. The topic got to sex and us just talking crap and one guy made this comment to me

      ' I had your mum last night...'

      I hear kids doing this all the time, but i dropped the kid like a bad habit as soon as the words came out of his mouth for it is something you just do not touch on...

      Or another example, the C-Word...( c.. t)

      I could never ever say that, particularly around a woman but now I even hear young women using it liberally

    • All over the internet MRAs complaining about 'false allegations all the time...

  • It's not just you.


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  • I think, despite good intentions, part of the reason rape has started to become an almost-joking matter is because of a lot of the bogus statistics pushed about it by the third-wave feminist movement.

    This idea that 1 in 4 or 5 women on campus are likely to be sexually assaulted is a debunked myth yet continually pushed forth all over the media and even in schools. The backlash of doing so is a lot of angry women thinking that a fifth to a quarter of the women out there have been raped, while simultaneously thinking that just about any man is a potential rapist.

    It further becomes a running joke when we have popular figures like Laci Green saying that women almost never lie about rape to the point where we should believe all women who cry rape, while, as men, we've probably also simultaneously witnessed women in our lives threatening men of accusing them of things like stalking or rape as a blackmail tactic. It defies what we see with our very own eyes.

    The topic is further trivialized by broadening the rape definition to a point where someone who fails a breathalyzer test is considered incapable of giving consent, as though a man who drinks a few beers and has sex with a woman is actually a rape victim.

    With that we get widespread hysteria, people standing up for victims that don't exist, safe zones, trigger warnings, etc. It's back to viewing everyone like children with crayons, a coloring book, time outs, nap times, and applauding them always because they're so special.

    All of this marginalizes the genuine rape victims out there who deserve to be taken seriously. The propaganda and hysteria actually marginalizes their cause instead of aiding it.

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