What are your thoughts of these body parts of the opposite sex?

1- feet
2- face
3- vagina/Penis
4- Ass
5- Hair


Most Helpful Girl

  • 1- unimportant unless they are extremly bad
    2- very important , but not most important
    3- dont have a preferance, I havet had sex yet
    4- nice ass is a hige turn on, but not a must
    5- quite important, I can do bald, but not thinning hair


Most Helpful Guy

  • 1) I have a foot fetish
    2) I like when a girl has nice lips and soft, feminine facial features
    3) I love eating vaginaπŸ‘…πŸ‘…
    4) Ass is ass. I just love to dive in face first
    5) Her hair is one of the first things I notice. I love when a woman keeps her hair clean and smelling nice.


What Girls Said 4

  • 1. Neutral not a turn on
    2. Depends on the guy and is most important
    3. Guys don't have vaginas
    4. Not a big fan guys worship ours so much it's hard to value it the same
    5. Depends on the guy and is pretty important

    • 3 says vagina or penis
      your thoughts on Penis

    • I mean it's the opposite sex's genitals of course it's a turn on but I can't really go into much detail because I'm a virgin.

  • 1- feet = I notice that most are huge & don't smell... the end :P
    2- face = Important... I can sense the persons energy, confidence & inner state.
    3- Penis = Something I always get excited about seeing then feeling inside me :)
    4- Ass = I like that's its firm + proportional... the end.
    5- Hair = I love smelling it & putting my hands through it when I kiss people.

  • 1) i dont know lol.
    2) Cute
    3) well... LOL
    4) Round is... ehmagad
    5) I love longer curly hair like whenever i see a guy with that kind of hair i think can i touch it pls

  • Feet.. Long sexy toes
    Face.. Kiss worthy
    Penis.. Whatever
    Ass.. Round and squishy lol
    Hair.. Long enough to grab


What Guys Said 15

  • Feet - Used to bring you places.
    Face - Home to eyes, nose and mouth.
    Vagina - Urination, sexual encounters - menstruation.
    Butt - Waste dispenser - Sacks of fat/flesh - used for sitting.
    Hair - Icing on the cake - A way to determine how a person thinks.

  • Feet, IDC?
    Face, um hot resemble Instagram model lol
    Pussy, tight wet I guess short labia
    Ass, toned tight, squat booty not huge
    Hair, long feminine brown/honey blonde

  • Are very rarely sexy but can definitely turn me off if unkempt.

    Probably the most important part of the body. The expressions that go on the face matter probably more than anything else. If you're fake smiling at everything or you make a bitch face a lot, I'm gonna think your not the kind of person who I'm gonna have an awful lot of respect for.

    A little camel toe is nice, doesn't make you a slut, just makes you someone who wears thongs and very possibly an indicator that the girl isn't scared to be active. Always at its best when wet.

    Something I get to grab in public when I'm in a relationship.

    Something to run my hands through when I look her in the eyes.

  • 1) Wtf?
    2) Has to be pretty
    3) No beef jerkey lips.. nice n tight
    4) Perky
    5) NO short feminist haircuts.

  • 1 dont care
    2 not that much of a big deal to me
    3 vagina is good
    4 like it
    5 a little long and straight

  • Feet--soft and not dry.
    Face--smooth and clear.
    Vagina--clean-shaven or bushy but clean
    Ass--jiggly and soft to rub and massage
    Hair--smooth and soft and let me wash it when we bathe!

  • 1) Very important. Must be small and cute. Second only to legs and not being fat.

    2) Important but not essential. As long as it is not ugly I am fine.

    3) I've never seen one in a sexual context since I'm waiting, so I do not really know. But as long as she grooms herself and washes it regularly, I'm good.

    4) Important. But not huge (pun not intended). I do not like huge butts like Black people like. Smaller is better, provided it is shaped well.

    5) Important. Preferably blonde or bust.

    • "like Black people like"? Like really what is that supposed to mean, there are people of all races that like big butts so no need to stereotype and say black people.

    • @Girls-Rule I thought it was common knowledge that Black people especially like big butts. Just ask any rapper.

  • 1 ok
    2 hella damn important!
    3 ok
    4 sexy
    5 sexy

  • 1. not appealing to me..
    2. says a lot about the beauty and the personality of a girl
    3. interesting. sensitive.
    4. wow. can be very hot, can be disgusting, very attractive in general
    5. love curly hair =)

  • 1. Better be clean
    2. Better be clean
    3. It better be clean
    4. Come on now! learn how to wipe! keep it clean!
    5. Shampoo baby please!

    As long as the parts are clean, I like em lol

  • Nice curves and brown with blonde highlights really get me going. As for opinions not sure why you're asking this but the majority of guys definitely enjoy a curvy exterior

  • i want my dick in all of it.

  • 1. Nothing really
    2. Beautiful
    3. Love/Baby making
    4. Dat ass πŸ˜πŸ–πŸΎπŸ’₯πŸ‘
    5. Something to run my fingers through.

  • Boobs?

  • 1-gross
    2- my favorite place to punch a woman.
    3- I like a big penis
    4- the place I like to fuck women
    5- the thing I grab onto when I drag unconcious women to my bed