Why do so many people believe god needed to write a new book to give the world?

For the sake of this question lets take for granted god is real and gave his written word to man.

If he gave one book, and god is above time why couldn't he write a book that is also above time not needing to change it by presenting making with a second book? (i. e. The old testament and the new testament)


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  • God never wrote a book. Both books were written by people and they express the way of life and cultural habits in the days they were written. That is why it is silly to copy them 100% to other era in time. Some parts in the books are general about the human mind and how he should behave towards other people and those are timeless, other parts are linked to the era they were written and rather obsolete nowadays (and then you and up with stupid rules when you want to apply them)

    • I asked that you take it for granted god is real and gave his written word to man... You don't have to believe in something to have a discussion on the topic.

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    • Xfitchick YOU ROCK!! Thanks for posting, and debating it!! God never wrote a book, Himself (Or HERSELF!!) Men did, and they 'INTERPRETED' what they supposedly heard!! It isn't the TRUE WORD OF GOD, but a man's understanding, and interpretation, at best!!
      Men are fallible (No comments, ladies!!:) ) So if 'God' needed a 'book' why wouldn't HE/SHE just 'Miracle it' into existence? Why go through some guy that is illiterate, or speaks another language?
      AS if that wasn't enough to totally fck up any idea of religion, said book was translated, and then again, and again, losing the context of some of the ideas and meanings!!
      I like the Native American's ideas, their beliefs, and their ways!! They don't need to write them, as they are known, and passed down, generation to generation!!
      They don't have all these laws, but just respect each other, and do what is right, without needing a 'law' or punishment, because the Spirits are watching, and they know.

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  • I guess I'll try to play along.

    Conceptually, god is outside of time and space, ie. he exists outside of the known universe... while of course being omnipresent (everywhere at once).

    By giving his written word to men in the form of a book, it now has to exist inside of time and space. Basically, causing a book to exist in the known universe and 'being above time' are mutually exclusive.


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  • Because humans changed them. I don't like that concept because it makes it seem like God had to learn from his mistakes by revealing a new book. Shouldn't he have known that they'd be changed?


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  • The last book of God is Quran.