Why is my Internet slow?

I have broadband Internet but it's real slow at the moment. I can't even watch YouTube videos.

My mum always wants it turned off when not in use, could that be effecting the speed? Also the modem is oldish, about 6 years old.

Or what else could be making it slow? It's not the monthly cycle it is slow the whole month.


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  • There are a number of things causing it.

    1. Your computer software is running slow because it is clogged up with bugs.
    2. If it is only one website maybe that website is giving trouble.
    3. Maybe your internet provider is having problems at the moment.
    4. It cloud be your modem has gone faulty and you need a new modem as they do not last much longer than 6 years.

    This is just a few problems it could be.

    • could not cloud

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    • But it changes monthly my data allowance and we don't use it much

    • Well before you rush off and buy another modem maybe you should ask your internet provider if they are having any known problems at their end.

  • Try running with it

  • You might be capped..

    • It has been like this for a while

    • Maybe it's them then

    • your speed would be cut back, cause you've prob gone over