Do you think ı can meet someone who move to another country after 5 years in the country he moved?

he doesn't know me ıf 5 years later ı went to the same counrty can ı find him is this even possible?


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  • Its hard but if you know his information like where he lived at one point you might be able to track him down. I suggest not doing it however if you want a romantic relationship because chances are he has started a new life over there.

    • ı just want to see him that's all
      but you know ıt sounds like that's impossible like ıs it easy to find someone's house? ı dont think so but ı hope ı can find ıf ı go

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    • but he moved to an other country and I'm still in the counrty that he moved from so neighbor stuff is not gonna work :D
      thank you for comment

    • The trail starts somewhere. Go to where you know he lived and ask where he went to then call up that place and see if he still is there or moved somewhere else.

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