Ever been stuck with a job you hate?

I've been really depressed cause I am stuck with a Job that I hate for a while , or more accurately , stuck in going forward in a field I do not like. I think it has become even more hard for me cause I have depression. Since tomorrow is Monday and I am getting depressed over the fact that I have to go to work , so I thought why not let it out on the site.

I loved going to the gym , training other people , making youtube videos about it. But Because my mother and I can barely afford the food and bills I had to stop going to the gym. It was my passion and I was making contacts , getting ready to compete in August , getting subs on youtube etc. But now its all gone ( been about 2 months since I visited the gym). I know some people think its not a proper career , but it is. I also start my own business/franchise in the Gym field.

I just don't know what to do anymore , I would really like some advice on what to do cause I know someone has definitely been through the same experience

I also want to start my own business/franchise in the gym field *


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  • i really hate the job i'm in right now, but i'm kind of stuck at the moment because a lot of people are not hiring. however, i am going to school for the job i really want and using the time to my advantage. p. s. if you really like the gym, and you want to own one, or work in one than you should. it's your life, and a lot of people appreciate fitness.

    • how do you find the money? cause my job field pays very little..

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    • as an intern I get paid 70 $ .

      To give you an idea around 350 $ is enough for a single male in my country to live a decently.

    • i make 8.75 an hour. my check comes out to 230 every week. that's 920 a month...

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  • If you think your depression is bad enough, you should really see a doctor. The reason is, that when you are depressed you are less able to deal with the bad job and less able to deal with finding a better job. Keep in touch with friends as much as possible. They might come up with job leads for you. Do your best to keep working out. Maybe you can find a gym that will give you a membership in exchange for some work?


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  • The big problem here that I see, isn't just the job itself it's that you have no passion to look forward In your life.
    You're taking on problems and responsibilities that shouldn't be yours right now.
    You're young, you should be trying to build your future, not worrying about all of these hassles you shouldn't be at this stage in your life.
    All I can say is, try to talk to your Mom about things.
    Try to find some kind of balance where you can incorporate the gym life you love and the work life (you hate).
    Yes, jobs can be depressing.
    There's thousands of people who hate what they do (including me) but have to do it because they have BIG fish to fry.
    Work towards your goals, because you know that won't be it for the rest of your life.
    The fact that you feel "stuck" is because your ambition was crushed.
    Don't let that grumble.
    At least if you're able to work on what you want to do... you'll feel better about your crappy job because you know it's only temporary.
    Good luck!

    • *crumble

    • That was the case for a while , I did lifting alongside my job and it was great. I remember after I stopped going to the gym I would cry for days in my room after I came home from office. I would lie on the floor and not eat and just cry...

      I dont want to bother my mom, but I talked to her like you said and she told me to that she really wants me to continue with lifting, but for the moment it's hard to think about the getting the proper diet.

      But still its better than nothing so I guess I'm going to start going there From today onwards.

    • I'm glad you're considering getting back into it <3
      I love that you take your health and passion seriously.

  • I sure have. I finally got out of there, though.

  • When I was 17 and started working my first job was a telemarketing. I HATED IT! it wasn't even like the job was hard, it was just pointless to call people during their dinners and stuff for a 45 minute survey.

    • what happened after that?

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