Car people, what do you think?

What does this sound like, car people?
My boyfriend has a 2004 Kia Optima that hasn't had any issues in the 6 months he's had it.
It has 160k miles.

So last night, we drive to the store, come out and the car won't start. We try and try, then it starts and immediately dies. The battery works and it turns over.. just a hard start.
So we think it may need gas, so we haul some, put it in, it drives out of the parking spot and dies. Eventually it starts again, drives 5 minutes and dies while downshifting around a turn.

I think it sounds like a fuel pump maybe? But im no expert. Ideas?
We're getting it checked tomorrow.


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  • Fuel filter is my first guess. If the fuel pump goes out its done , it won't work then stop working. Trash in the filter builds up over time and can be easily moved while under pressure and block fuel flow

    • Im really hoping that is it.. much less pricey

    • This is also a much cheaper start in repairs than any other thing I can blame this situation on

    • Yea on average a fuel filter will run &25..00 to $30..00 and can be changed in 10 to 15 minutes. However a fuel pump replacement is gonna tear a hole in your wallet

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  • My dad's 83' Camaro does the same thing and it's the fuel pump. Whenever we drive it, we have to pump the gas peddle like 7 or 8 times to start it. It'll die right after it starts, then we pump the peddle again and it's golden. You may need to replace it.

    • My car is like that too, I have to pump the gas pedal a lot to get it started.

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  • The problem isn't really possible to determine with this info. I'm thinking you'll need to take it to the shop. My best guess would just be that the car is old. It's already 13 years old. Did you buy it from a certified dealership?

  • yes fuel pump, or crankshaft sensor, is your check engine light on

  • My car is doing the same thing. It acts like it will start but won't catch!

    • Let me know what it turns out to be, I tried pumping the gas pedal even too but it just sputtered.

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    • Is it starting now?

    • No, a 500$ fix on the crankshaft sensor needs work. @Fingold

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