Why am I hated?

Deep down, I know I am one of the most caring people around. I'll die for anyone if it meant their lives would save them in some way and make them a better person. I already sacrifice so much for other people but at this point it's becoming too much. For no justified reason I am hated everywhere I go. People always assume things about me that simply aren't true and it's making me more bitter and hateful as a person. I'm still genuine deep down inside, but I've created a shell of hatred and unfeeling for everyone around me.

I don't get close to people because I know at some point they'll disappoint me in the future and cause problems for me in some way. Too many times have I been accused of things I simply didn't do. Mainly being someone trying to start problems with me, and I tell them to back off. But because I'm a little bit louder and more intimidating, everyone is threatened by me and they begin to hate me. I don't even yell at anyone, I just show people how I truly feel and try to stop a fight before it starts. But people are snakes and play innocent the moment they are confronted. Instead of understanding me, people are cowards and would rather take the easy way out and hate me outright.

I have become less forgiving of people and VERY hateful of people. Everyone I meet, I expect to have some conflict with them in the future. I can already tell most people reading this will get the wrong idea and think I'm some ignorant asshole. It's simply not true, maybe now I am definitely arrogant, but it's only because I'm done reasoning with people. People cling onto their beliefs and are afraid to budge.

I simply had enough of all the selfish people in the world. I hate those who do not look out for others and people who will step on the first person they see to get an advantage. I have a hard time understanding people anymore, and I do not feel any emotions. The only thing I feel now is anger, and no one to help me.

I'd be amazed if someone could relate.


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  • I know you are good.
    But does anyone apart me and you know it? Do you show them how good you are deep down?
    The main problem is that you don't see yourself as a part of those people, but YOU are part of them. You are one of them. Don't search for flaws in them , search it in yourself.
    Ask yourself: Are thousands of people idiots or should I change something in me? I don't mean that you should change, I mean that you should change the way you express yourself.
    If you hate people you will never receive love in return. You are good and they are just as good as you but in their own ways. They have their thoughts.
    It is hard... I know it is hard to feel secluded from others.
    But use it in your favour.
    Don't show them that you hate them. It is sign of weakness. Instead of this, joke with them, have a fun time with them, show them that you care, that you are not heartless and your shell may be destroyed if they find a path to your heart.
    But you should find the way to their hearts as well.
    Yeah, people are not flawless. They are far from being flawless.
    But try to not be that vulnerable, try to see a good side in everything. Humour is the best medicine in those cases.
    Remember, people (except ones who have dignity) will always take advantage of you if you give them chance to do this.
    Solution is simple : Do not give them chance to use you, to use you in their advantage.
    You are angry now. People don't like angry people. Neither do you.
    Do you prefer someone who hates everyone or someone who is open and happy? Of course the latter. That's our nature.
    You've met many selfish people, but do not demand others to be as selfless as you are. See other good points in them and value it.
    Show them your good nature and give them chance to see it. Show them your real you, and not someone who compares them to snake. Cause that's not you. That's an angry and disappointed man. But you are way more beautiful inside.
    Be good to them and they will be good to you. But remember do not trust easily and do not be that vulnerable.
    Life is a battlefield sometimes and you can't survive if you don't wear an armour.

    • It's confusing. I don't really hate anyone, but all I feel is hate. I never hold a grudge against anyone, the moment I see someone is genuinely sorry I end it right there and I move on in an instant.

      I don't feel strong emotions either besides anger at this point. It's hard for me to feel love and I'm always struggling to find any sense of peace inside me. As ironic as it sounds, I used to do a lot of inner searching and trying to resolve flaws within me.

      Lately, I haven't been so patient, I can't seem to vent those bottled feelings. Since I have little emotion, there's no outlet for those feelings.

      I don't know, I'm just tired of life honestly. I'm not suicidal, but I know this isn't a life worth keeping. It's temporary for a reason.

    • I know, I feel you.
      Those emotions you bottle up must be revealed. Or you'll turn into hateful and angry young man.
      Do you think they are shameless? Tell them directly.
      Do you think they are wrong? Tell them.
      Do not leave your emotions to yourself.
      You know that if I am against million people, then there's something wrong in me and not in those people.(Okay, there are exceptions.)
      Find the problem in yourself and fix it.
      That's good that you think about it.
      You are kind and you are waiting that people will be just as kind as you. But nah bruhh, that's a life. And it is beautiful the way it is.
      Learn how to receive it.
      Learn how to handle it.
      It is easy to say and harder to do. But not impossible, i promise.
      Try to work out, spend all of your bad emotions in a good way.
      You said you are not an asshole.
      Be an asshole, sometimes, really!
      Do not leave all those hatred in yourself. Let it out.
      It is always worth to keeping.
      There are people who hurt you but there are people who love you

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  • Well I don't know if people hate you, but based on your post I can make several observations anout your personality.

    1) You're arrogant. Saying you're "one of the most caring guys around" gives me the impression you think too highly of yourself. You are probably doing and saying things that give people the impression you think you're better than them, which is a huge turn off.

    2) Maybe you are a nice guy, but people don't like people because they're nice. If anything, being too nice is creepy. It makes people wonder what you expect from them in return or what your hidden agenda is. If you really want to help someone go volunteer at a homeless shelter, or a bog brother program, or a mission trip. Stop trying to help people who don't need or want your niceness.

    3) You're too emotional. Stop caring so much about what other people think. It's too much unnecessary drama. Except maybe a best friend or a paid professional, no one wants to hear your problems, especially emotional ones.

    4) Yes, you are the ignorant one. You said you expect conflict with everyone? Well the only common denominator in that case is you. You sound very bitter, pessimistic, and judgmental. If you're always assuming the worst about people it will show in what you do and say, and others will pick up on your condescending view of them.

    You need to decide for yourself that you're going to be happy and enjoy life no matter what other people think of you. You also need to treat everyone you meet as a unique and exciting person. People will pick up on your positive and friendly attitude and likely do the same. Of course changing your outlook on life is easier said than done, but keep practicing. Fske it until you make it, as they say.

    • 1) I'm only act arrogant to people who are pricks themselves. I make the conscious effort to make sure I do not inflate my ego in any way. On the inside, I do not feel I am above anyone, in any way. I only want people to leave me alone.

      2) I am not overly nice, I don't awkwardly approach people or act overly weird. I am VERY distant as a person. I don't need peoples company to make me happy, but if I see some homeless guy, I'm going to help the dude out.

      3) Too emotional? I feel nothing bud. I have no connections with people whatsoever. I only feel joy in shallow tides. When I'm screwing a girl? I could care less. Not because I'm gay, but because I feel nothing inside me. I've already volunteered, gave money to homeless and consciously make an effort to do better.

      4) You're quick to make that assumption like everyone else I meet. But I can already tell you don't even know what you mean by that. You're just someone else who's offended for no reason.

  • I relate to you more than you can possibly imagine. If you wish you can hit me on a pm and we can see what sense we can make of it

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