Did I scare him away?

I really like this guy and he really liked me. We were going on a date the other day that he planned and made so special for me because he really likes me. Unfortunately our date did not go the way that we planned it because i ended up no being able to keep it and he ended up having to drive to meet me for nothing because i could not go. I just told him that he could go home because i did not want to ruin the rest of his day and he told me that he did not care and that he wanted to still see me because he really liked me and he did not care. So what i did was i met him in a mutural place so that we could hang out and talk (because he said that was all he wanted was to see me). We met and the whole thing was just awkward because i could tell he was sad and i tried to cheer him up but he had such a dry sense of humor and i just felt bad because we were sitting there talking to each other and not really communcating that much. I get a call that my family memeber was sick so i got up and told him i had to leave and before i finished he gets up and is already walking away. I was like "Wtf?" So i just ended up leaving and he texts me later like "what happened" and told him and apologized and he just responded ok and thats it. Now i feel like he is not going to talk to me anymore or that he does not want to go on a date anymore. This was the last day we could spend together because i am going home to Tennessee advice?


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  • "This was the last day we could spend together because i am going home to Tennessee advice?" Does it really matter what we say. You're not going to see each other any time soon. He tried his best and he probably felt you're not interested in him. We can hurt too you know... Move on.


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