He is throwing me mixed signals.. does he like me or not?

I've been talking to this guy for 3 months. He's great!
He had a small crush on me, he flirts with me and admits, I flirt back and admit it as well, we message every day no matter how busy we get, if I ever talk about another guy even if it's my friend his replies get very short and serious every time, he tells me that I'm very caring and kind so he can't help but be sweet to me because he hasn't met anyone like me before. He tells me that I bring out the soft side of him... For example he's usually very quiet and doesn't talk much about his feelings and emotions. He doesn't really show emotion to other people but with me he shows me that he cares... He opens up to me. He's told me if I was in his side of town that he would take me on a date. Whenever we joke about something he always says "Well if we meet in person I'll show you (insert rest of sentence)".

Why I don't think he likes me: He hasn't really made a move because we live 4 hours away from each other, he hasn't really told me on how he sees me, last night he basically friend zoned himself by saying he's my guy friend.

I know I'm probably over thinking but I need to know... I know you guys will say 'talk to him about it' but I'm worried that if I do he'll shut out and the friendship (if that's what he sees me as) will end. So I could really use all the opinions and votes. Thank you in advance!

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