How come only old men or men with kids like babies, but all sorts of women do?

When I'm out with my baby, my nieces, nephews or friends babies, random women always smile at the baby or come and ask how old it is or whatever. With men, it's usually old men or men with their kids, and men with kids just saw aww I remember when mine was that young it goes so fast etc... So it's different to the women.


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  • Men in difference to women don't have a paternal instinct. We don't really care about children the way women do until we have one of our own. Women are built to want and love children (at least most). Men have learn it. Old men and men with kids have already developed their paternal instincts. Young men have not since they most likely don't have offspring.

    • Makes sense. I notice some pretend to when they want to chat up the woman with the kid though haha.

    • I've noticed it in myself. I can look at a beautiful woman and absolutely melt inside. No sexual desire, just pure admiration and having my breath taken away. But the child in her arms has absolutely no effect on me. I don't even find it cute. Maybe if it is mine and from a woman I love it might be different.

    • Yes, generally speaking that is certainly true. Though there are also exceptions. I am one such exception. I actually do have very strong paternal instincts although I don't have any children yet. I like children in general and I have often been told that I'll make a wonderful father. I also long to have a child myself... like most women my age, I can't wait to become a father.
      I would argue that the whole thing also has to do with socialization. In our western society, men are brought up to work, make career, earn money... that kinda stuff. Sure, we've come a long way since the 1950s but most young men still feel the obligation (and perhaps also the socialized desire) to have this rather classical role model. I believe that if we lived in a society where it was completely normal for men to take care of children and women to go out and work, men would also have stronger paternal feelings.
      Part of it is certainly biology but part of it is also just culture/socialization.

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  • I don't like babies, yeah they can be cute but far away from me, and I know a lot of women that don't like them and that don't wanna have kids, so not all women do, and I also know young guys that do like babies

    • I know not all women do. I said all sorts of women, like all different types, not all women.