Is it really that bad creating multiple accounts on a forum?

I've been getting away with it for years until, two forums eventually caught up and banned all the nicks (one of them even banned my real username permanently, don't care... I wasn't even a regular user by then anymore and would hardly come to that site).

I like creating stories and some of those stories deal with certain things that can happen. Apart from that, I was a friendly storyteller; not those typical trolls that insult others. Another reason I would do that is because I got tired of being at ''regular member'' status for years while someone that has also been at that forum for like a year or slightly less was already a moderator level.

So yes, I'm a female storyteller. I guess I'm sometimes bored too and haven't had a boyfriend for ages.

To be honest, I don't feel bad about it. It's not like those people know how I'm really like in real life.
Again, I would always be nice to the repliers even if the story was fake.


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  • May God have mercy on your soul... 😦

    • Why? I'm done with college, working as a translator and apparently living good. The only thing lacking in my life is a partner.

    • I was joking 🙈

    • ok no problem
      I have no idea who this Sandplanet person is but that's a good nick

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  • "Storyteller"? Is that a fancy way of saying "I'm a pathological liar"?

    • Sandplanet has returned 😱

    • If I went unsuspected for years, that still means I have an ability to write convincing stories (aka as trolling but I was friendly).

    • @Bandit74 lmaaoo right?
      Asker, that still doesn't mean it's ok to lie and lead people on, even if you're "friendly".
      On gag, I assume they don't want people to have multiple accounts for different reasons:
      1) multiple accounts give you more room to troll people, catfish them, harass them, scam them etc.
      2) you could be cheating the xper system
      3) easier to spam if you have multiple accounts

      etc. Even if you don't do any of the above, all rules must apply to everyone, otherwise it wouldn't be fair.

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  • Depends on their terms & conditions.

  • What kind of stories you talking about

    • Mainly on relationship forums but sometimes on dating, off topic or jobs section.

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    • @ak666
      True. I will soon take a break from online forums and write about something. It will be about a relationship.

    • Might also help to get out once in a while and maybe find some boyfriends here and there, if only as research to find material you can write about.

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