Do you think I'm too nice and that I deserve this?

Hello all, today I've been really thinking about things. A lot has gone on this year some were good things, while some crippled me. I'm an A+ student always working at it, school is my number one and always has been. When it comes to school I don't feel desolated and unhappy. I'm always trying to go above and beyond. Lately I've been observing my company around. For example I have these two friends. One is my best friend whom has been my ride or die, I just met this girl about ten months ago but we are close I guess. Any ways my best friend had ignored me for two weeks prior to the New Years and even onwards. She'll react coldly to me at times , like this close friend she told her rudely you have her to stand with. There's more but I don't want this to be extremely long. This second friend I don't know what to say. She seems to talk only about herself and crush. She doesn't seem to acknowledge my feelings she just wants advice or whatever the case is. I was just joking around with her and she said oh idc, I was confused because the times she's done that and I didn't care I never said anything. Any ways she was like oh I'm happy etc, I didn't reply I didn't want any part of it. Any ways I'm always listening to them giving advice and making them smile. But I don't know of that's beneficial for me at all. They are some of the few people this war along with my family that have crippled me. Do you think I should just leave them and continue on with my studies and become the person I want to be? Or give it another chance? Like I always do?


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