Ways for a teen to make money independently/at home?

I'm in my mid/late teens. I had a part-time job for months, hated it, so once summer rolled around I resigned. Got another part-time job, only worked a couple of days and already don't like it. I don't want to force myself to stick around for months again because I feel like I'm wasting my employer's time by knowing I'm not committing long-term. Better to say it's not working out after a few days, right?

The problem is, I still need a way to make money. I still live with my parents and they insist on still taking care of my big expenses (like insurance, college, etc.) but I like having miscellaneous money and want to save up for a car so I definitely need an income. I've been trying to get a babysitting job with no good fortune as of yet. What are other ways I can independently make money?


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  • Buy low, sell high.
    What kind of stuff are you interested in?
    Explore yard sales around your neighborhood and look for items that might be worth something. Get good at searching eBay "sold" listings to get an idea of what people are currently paying for items.
    If you see something that you know is worth $40-50, and you're able to offer $15-25 for it and get it, you're in good shape.
    Higher priced items you can probably get a higher dollar amount profit (a $400 stereo system bought for $300 is a $100 profit or 33%) but lower priced items you might be able to get a higher % return, only not as much money profit (a dress you can sell for $20 and buy for $5 is only a $15 profit, but that's a 300% return on your investment)

    Are you good in any subjects at school? Maybe you could tutor students a year or two younger than you and get paid for it.

    Babysitting, pet-sitting, house-sitting...

    You mentioned that you've been trying to get a job babysitting "with no good fortune as of yet", what does that mean?

    What I'm getting at is, are you waiting for a babysitting job to just fall into your lap, or are you aggressively asking around, posting fliers, calling friends and family asking for referrals, etc?

  • Youtube


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