Is my friend wrong in his logic regarding the late shooting?

Ok so we had a discussion about it but according to him, he said that it shouldn't be difficult stopping a single gunman esp if it's at a club full of men. He thinks the guys were acting like scared women instead of gathering all together, throwing stuff towards the killer and taking him out.

He also thinks the 30 year-old guy hiding in the bathroom for a long while and calling his mother should have done something else or at least get the killer from behind.

I'm not gay but I would be scared for my life if some random psycho was shooting for no reason. However, according to my friend he said he would have done a lot more than those scared men did and try fighting back and that he wouldn't be just hiding in the bathroom.


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  • Lol excuse my French but your friend sounds like a complete dumbass. Should've could've would've, blah blah blah. He wasn't there so it doesn't make sense for him to speak about what he WOULD have done, especially because he most likely wouldn't have done shit anyway. Those people were scared for their lives. You don't go in a club, a place for partying & forgetting about stress, thinking you'll be in a life or death situation. Is your friend aware that's an assault rifle the man had by the way, pretty sure the rifle wins. Also there were plenty of people who were helping others, inside and outside of the club. Your friend sounds inconsiderate


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  • I think a lot of people have been discussing this lately.
    On the one hand, yes... it would make sense for a person (or a group) to try and rush the shooter and take him down. Possible, too... while reloading, or if people came from different directions.

    Here's the problem though. These people had no idea what was going on at first, they probably didn't realize that they were hearing actual gunshots and that someone was there to kill as many people as possible.
    Many of them probably have never been near a gun that's being shot, some of them may have never even seen a gun in the hands of a non law-enforcement officer.

    Not just that, but what about the people lying on the floor bleeding out? dying? How many people have you watched die?

    Also, what was it like inside the club? Were the lights on? Was the music stopped? Or was it dark, with flashing lights and pounding music?

    How many of the people inside the club were drinking and/or on drugs?

    It's easy for us to sit on the couch and talk about what we would have done, or what they should have done, but after taking all of those factors into account... I'm not so sure that very many of the people saying "I would have done this" would have actually done anything differently than the poor souls who were in that club last week.

    Definitely worth thinking about though, it's a sad thing to have to say but I think we all need to start being a lot more aware of our surroundings and plan for the worst. Next time you're at a club or a bar or a sporting event, pay attention to where your escape routes are, where potential threats may appear, what could you use as protection or a weapon of shit suddenly hit the fan.
    Hopefully nothing ever happens... but if God forbid something DOES happen, at least you will have a general idea of what your options are.


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  • It's always easy to say what one would do in a certain situations. Chaos has a way of throwing even prepared people a curve ball. Something that might make a difference in this specific situation would be the idea of bartenders and bouncers being trained not just to carry firearms or tasers, but to have practiced what to do if a robbery or shooting should happen.

  • "Let me stay calm and logical while a man is pointing a gun at us with no warning"
    Its easy for him to say that shit because he wasn't there and he wasn't almost being shot up.


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  • What I think is less gun legislation instead of more. Making it easier to buy own and carry will stop some of this. If anyone was armed they could've taken him out. This happened in a state that has some of the tightest most restrictive gun laws in the country so that proves tighter laws isn't the answer

    • I'm with you on the 2nd amendment, but it gets tricky at clubs and bars. Alcohol, drugs, and guns are not a good combo, I think even Ted Nugent would agree with that.
      In those sorts of environments, armed security would be a smart move. 1 armed security guard (paid off duty cops?) for every X number of people maybe?
      But yes, in general, I wish more citizens would carry.

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    • He shot the bouncers.

    • Armed guards at both ends of the building or by the exits. If the one at the entrance gets taken out, there's another one inside who can respond. I dunno, the details would have to be worked out by the trained pros, but I would think the idea of having armed guards at venues like this would be a good practice just in case...

  • I'll bet your friend also knows what Cam Newton should have done to win the Super Bowl.

  • Your friend is a idiot
    You can't tram for that situation as a average joe
    He's taking out his ass

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