To those who have been to, lived in, or currently reside in Hawaii, do you think it would be a good place to live?

My first big move was right out of college 3 years ago where I uprooted myself out of a backwoods village in Missouri and relocated to Sacramento, California. Currently, my boss told us that the ship is basically sinking, so we need to get out while we can.

In the time that I've lived here, it's been OK. I don't see it as my "forever" place, so I'm considering my second big move. I can't see myself in SF, just because the cost of rent is so damn expensive, the streets and city is so cramped, and the driving and parking is chaotic. I literally feel like I'm going to have an aneurism driving through the city.

One of the dream places I would like to visit is Hawaii, so I'm thinking maybe Hawaii could be my next big move. I'm a pretty laid back type of person, so I can manage pretty much anywhere wherever I decide to settle, so the idea of moving to a place before I've even visited it doesn't phase me much.

For those that have been there, what are some of the:

- Pros
- Cons
- Would you recommend this place to a friend?
- Expenses (how does it compare to other places you've lived)
- Relocating pets to Hawaii tips (My cat has FIV)
- Which of the islands you like best and why

Any kind of input would be great!

I want to add that the only way I would consider moving here is if I had a job lined up already (preferably one with a $50,000+ salary)


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  • I've been there twice. You couldn't pay me enough to live anywhere that doesn't have winter sports

    • Haha, well, I live in Cali, but we don't get any of the seasons. I don't miss the snow back in Missouri. This would be a plus for me then. Overall, did you like your visits there?

    • No to me one south Pacific Isle is about the same as all. I think island life would be incredibly boring for me especially with no winter. I'm not a tropical person

  • I lost my passport twice there, They chase me so far twice. I have ever dreamed working at the Hilton hotel there fovere.


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  • I don't think Hawaii is a good place to move unless you have a job lined up all ready. The cost of living is very high and they have the highest rates of homelessness in the country so you know the competition is intense. I feel like there are other areas where you would have better chances of success.

    • I guess I should have said in my posting that I would only move there if I had a job already. I would never move somewhere without having employment, because it would be so easy for it to backfire.

      I had no idea homelessness was so high there, but I know the cost of living and produce is high. But prices in Sacramento are skyrocketing, and there's nothing really special about the area. I did a couple Trulia searches and Craigslist searches, and the cost of rent and buying seemed about the same to me. Things just keep going up in price.

      In Sacramento, it's ridiculous the amount of homeless people out on the streets, or the panhandlers. It was definitely a culture shock for me when I moved from Missouri to Sac.

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    • Yeah, I read about that. That's pretty ridiculous. Thankfully, I don't really drink or use milk for anything haha

    • Milk is just an example. Think: if milk is 8 dollars how much do staples like meat and produce cost?