Is it a good idea to do a masters in biomedical engineering given the cost?

I am passionate about the subject but I want to know I'll get a job at the end of it. Are there many biomedical engineering jobs out there?

  • Yes it is and you'll get a job
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  • No it's not. There aren't many jobs in the field out there
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  • Any advantage you can get is worth it. It would depend on Masters as well. You getting a good job depends on your experience and networking. I would personally say depending on what kind of experience you get, Masters should be worth it. STEM fields are very competitive, and you need any edge you can get.

    • True but what if you already have a job.

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    • For biomedical engineering you would need biolgical understanding as well. If you want to transfer to Biomedical Engineering I am certain you will need Masters.

    • Yes I would but I just wanted to be sure it's worth the investment.

  • Make sure it has a strong EE component.

    I talked to a guy who had an undergrad EE degree and then went to med school. He didn't practice medicine but had an excellent job designing medical equipment.