Girls!! how do you handle those guy friends who just start lingering around you when you get single?

Like the ones who constantly insist on coming over to your place or those who constantly ask for coffee or some movie as soon as they know you are single now.


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  • I just say no lol. Unless I actually want to get taken out. No ones going to force me to go to coffee or let them come over, so it's whatever. If it gets incessant and annoying I'll just stop responding or tell them that if that's all they're looking for I'm not talking to them anymore.

    • The constant nagging with coming out and coffee is just getting on my nerves. I will stop responding but they are some of the good friends. Will have to let go of the friendship along with friend zoning.

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    • You are welcome ^_^
      Yes done :D :D All gone. Pheww

    • Haha good! I'm glad

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  • Yikes, I know how awkward these things can get.

    Last time, I friend zoned them and just kept talking about the break up/the ex/guy issues, etc. And then would leave being like "Thanks for listening; you're such a good friend!" I didn't want to straight up say no because (1) I didn't want to assume and make an ass out of myself and (2) I didn't want to hurt the friendship.

    If they ask to come over, I'd just say it's too messy or you're leaving soon or that you're not feeling social right now. If they ask for coffee, say "Great, I needed a friend to vent to" or something like that. Or if he asks to see a movie with you, say "Oh, my friends and I were going to see that. Do you want to join?" that kind of thing... and after a while, you could talk about potential interests and ask him what he thinks of this hot guy and blah blah blah. Just make it blatantly obvious that you're friends with him and nothing more.

    If nothing else - just say you need time away from guys - even guy friends - and need time with the girls.

    • I keep on using my thesis as an excuse that I am working late night or over night or m in the other city. Then comes weekend when I dont reply them but again one of them started nagging with "you are just making up excuses!!". I even tried using "I need time away from guys". If they keep on doing this I will just be straight forward and say "no".

    • The hot guy thing can't be used with these friends xD They are hot enough to shame many men around.

  • Tell them you're not interested.