Name 3 things you love and hate about the city/state you live in?

For me it's Paris:

Things I loveโค๏ธ:

1) The beauty of the city at night โœจ

2) The fact that it's a major city so there are many events going on

3) Diversity ๐Ÿ’“: You can switch from historical buildings to modern buildings depending on where you go and also diversity of food and people makes it very interesting.

Things I hate ๐Ÿ’”:

1) The fact that everything is closed Sunday and things close very early. ( shops, libraries, drugstores, food stores..).๐Ÿ˜’

2) The weather can be depressing and too rainy/gray quite often๐ŸŒง๐ŸŒซโ˜”๏ธ

3) Too many dog poops๐Ÿฉ๐Ÿ’ฉ

What's your city/state?


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  • Love:
    1) All the parks. Great for dog people like me. I love the parks here.
    2) The variety of food and restaurants here. I love trying new things and I love how most places here have accommodated my dietary restrictions (no peanuts, no milk).
    3) The relative safety of the city overall. There are bad neighbourhoods like any other city, but as long as you stay away from them you're good.

    1) That it's expensive to live here. Average price for a single family home or condos is about $1 million. In the surrounding suburbs houses average about $800 K. Average rent for a decent apartment is about $2,000 per month. I was lucky to be able to purchase this house at a really low price because of connections and help from my family. I won't be moving for a long time because I can't afford it. Canada in general is pretty expensive.
    2) Bare bones subway system. It's good if you live downtown, but it should really be extended out to the suburbs to ease the commutes. An LRT system would be nice.
    3) Too many hipsters here for my liking, lol. I don't hate that but the trend is annoying more than anything.

    I live in Toronto, Canada.

    • Why does everyone hate hipsters? It's a sign that your city is well developed?

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    • Lol I'm not offended but by your opinion I'm just stating that you don't even know how privileged your are because some city will make you go through depression by the amount of deaths that happen each day, if hipsters are our only complaint then when doing alright.

      And I wasn't aware that you asked me a question?

    • @cchris989 I asked "How are hipsters a sign that a city is well developed?"

      I know where I stand when it comes to privilege. Don't assume that I don't know how privileged I am. People die from all kinds of things everyday here. It's sad but I don't waste my time crying about it. I don't know if you live in a city but if homicides, traffic fatalities, and whatnot really get to you, then it's probably better to live in the country where your closest neighbour is a mile away. Hipsters are merely an annoyance to me.

      This is a light hearted question, or at least it was supposed to be. I like living here but if other people don't, that's fine. That's what realtors and U-Haul trucks are for.

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  • love
    culture (sights, museums, music, etc)

    ... that's about it

  • Cairo , egypt
    1- the food is quite good and the fact food stores open 24/7
    2- things never close lol ( stores , pharmacis nothing )
    That's it actually lol
    Things I hate : besides everything lol
    1- the streets are dirty aF
    2-the architecture of most egyptian cities absolute suck
    3-beggars all over the place

  • Wisconsin

    1. City to country in less then a few minutes
    2. Some of the best fishing in the world in the 15,000 lakes, rivers, and streams.
    3. Amazing cheese and other food.
    4. The people are great and friendly.
    5. Wilderness
    6. Get to experience all 4 seasons.

    There really is only one thing I hate and that's the cow manure smell when the farmers are spreading it on the fields ๐Ÿ˜ท๐Ÿ˜ท

  • I live in Toronto, Ontario.

    I love:
    The huge amount of parks and ravines we have to enjoy
    How clean and safe the city is
    Toronto Island!

    I hate:
    The high cost of living
    The lack of public transportation infrastructure, which has lagged for over two decades and now cannot cope with the growth in the city
    The hipsters

  • I love,
    1. My job is good.
    2. There are decent resteraunts
    3. The schoold

    I hate
    1. The amount of assholes
    2. The drivers
    3. The overly strict gun laws

  • Things I love about my state.
    1. The openess. You can get away from civilization in under 10 minutes.
    2. The friendless. If your car breaks down you will have more than a few people willing to give you a hand.
    3. The lifestyle is very laid back compared to a lot of places

    Things I hate.
    1. The conservatives. They would love nothing more than to turn back time to the 1950's.

    2. The state government. Trickle down economics is complete bullshit.

    3. Kristie Alley

  • Vancouver

    1. How acceptable Marijuana is and how easy it is to aquire it.
    2. The passive people
    3. Mild winters


    1. Be prepared for a lot of rain
    2. Driving here sucks due to bad road designs and the outcome is horrible traffic
    3. People are too passive and introverted making it hard to meet new people.

  • Things I love

    1. People
    2. Town/laws
    3. Scenery/nature

    Things I hate

    1. Unpredictable weather
    2. Wizard of oz jokes from outsiders
    3. The meth problem we have in our state

  • Random town, NJ
    1- nature and shit
    2- nothing
    3- see option 2

    1- nothing to do
    2- snows
    3- everyone here might have downs syndrome
    4- close to me York
    5- people are usually huge dicks

  • Dislike (I know you said hate, but that just seems so negative):
    1) it's such a small city
    2) bad public transit system
    3) it hardly ever really rains here (it's a valley)

    1) it's a short trip to the country
    2) it's a small city, but in an important state
    3) I've lived here now for 6 almost 7 years.

  • The Bay Area, California. I love the wide variety of food, millions of things to do, and occasionally the white women. But I hate the diversity, overly strict gun laws, and lack of wilderness.

    • I'm the opposite lol. I hate homogeneous places whenever I go home in Tunisia and there are only Tunisians I go crazy , everybody speaks the same, eats the same, looks the same so boring lol.

  • I love San Diego.
    -it's located in CA
    -our sports teams kinda suck and traffic has gotten exponentially bad in the last 5-10 years.
    -The cost of housing is high.

  • Guess?
    Best :
    1. Coffee
    2. Mardi Gras
    3. Beaches
    Worst :
    1. Genuinely stupid people.
    2. Suburbs are a disaster
    3. Racism I guess.

  • im living in karachi, pakistan
    things i love
    1. food
    2. not much rules.
    3. dont know any other then 2 things i love

    things i hate
    1. load shedding of electricity
    2. corruption
    3. police

  • Newfoundland

    -miserable weather
    -crappy economy
    -a lot of reckless drivers

    -my family is here
    -living next to the ocean
    -not crowded

  • I hate in Amman :
    1, the cars traffic
    2, the bad streets
    3, the expensive prices

    I love in Amman โ™กโ™ก

    1, amazing weather at night with the funniest people ever
    2, a lot of event
    3, the historical sites (alot of them )
    The I can do any thing

  • i live in the countryside.

  • Pro's:
    Night life

    High cost of living
    Cut throat competition
    Traffic jams

  • Three things i hate
    Jets fans
    The "country girls" that aren't really country
    The fucking taxes and pay tolls

    Three things i love
    Billy joel


  • Bali
    Good : beautiful beaches , delicious foods , girls with revealing clothes
    Bad : expensive live cost , weather is too hot , epic traffic jam problem

  • Alabama, football trucks and toots baha

  • I love that there is no crime in obion county for the most part

    the big thing I hate about west Tennessee where I live is its just boring except for Memphis but Memphis is dangerous.

  • The heat. That's it, well boredom

  • Racially diverse like me Lol
    The beach
    The city Hollywood to the hood (Lol I've drove through)

  • Kent
    I love the rain and cold
    I hate when it gets too hot and the city is kinda quiet

  • To many drugs
    They city all ways has construction
    The girls are trash

  • weather, people, food!

  • Nothing.. It's small, boring with a shitty public bus. Always late


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  • I live in a small town with maybe 3000 people so it's hard to make a list but I will try.
    1. It's about 5 to 10 minutes biking from the beach and dunes and it lays right in between big tulip fields.
    2. Although it's very small, the center is kinda pretty and very historic with castle ruins from the middle ages and houses from the 16th century.
    3. It lays right in between bigger cities. The nearest city Alkmaar is pretty and historic as well and has a great shopping area and you are in Amsterdam with the train in half an hour.

    Down points,
    1. Although the city is not that far away, you still have to bike about 30 minutes to be there.
    2. The weather is total shit ofcourse.
    3. You'd expect from a small town that it would be cozy with friendly neighbors, not here. Your neighbors don't give a shit about you and you never see them.

  • Not much to say about my city. But my state (Virginia):

    -Beautiful scenery, especially in the Shenandoah Valley (where I live). Lots of beautiful mountains and overlooks, and it's especially gorgeous in the fall.

    -History and heritage. There's so much American history here, with Monticello, The Rotunda, Jamestowne.

    -Culture and education. UVA is a great school and there are a lot of famous prep schools here.

    There are a lot of people with very elite backgrounds and I've had the pleasure of knowing some. I appreciate a lot of their old fashioned sensibilities and sense of tradition.

    The bad:

    -When it gets rural, it can get really redneck and ghetto. There's a lot of uneducated, backward people. That's Appalachia, for you :/

    -Very slow moving. It's easy to get more. The people here have a lackadaisical approach to life. It's the Southern way xD

    -Drugs. So much meth. It's a serious problem for a lot of small towns, here.

  • Love:
    -The are so. many. restaurants. So many. People around here really love their food so we have all kinds of small business and you never have to go a long distance without plenty of options for food.
    -Low crime.
    -All of the small businesses. Our downtown area is super lively and all of the shops are so cute.
    -We have a lot of gorgeous nature.
    -Great education generally and the people around are hard workers.

    -The weather. Our winters last forever and I hate the cold.
    -How hilly it is.
    -While otherwise our shopping is good our mall sucks. The nearest nice mall is about an hours drive.

  • i live in florida, in a city that i'd rather not mention.

    things i like:
    1) there is a business here that will deliver food to your house from publix, if you pay the yearly membership fee. it's very convenient because i don't have a car.
    2) i really liked my school. great campus and teachers.
    3) lots of downtown festivities and interesting sites to see.

    things i dislike:
    1) almost everyone here is on drugs, or is a drug dealer. it's very depressing.
    2) too many people die from heroin. so much that we are becoming known as the heroin capital of florida.
    3) our bus system sucks. they only stay open till 7:30 at night, while other places stay open till at least 12 in the morning.

  • I hate
    1. Rednecks
    2. crazy ass drivers
    3. how majority of the people are over 300 pounds.

    I like
    1. the attractions
    2. Savannah
    3. and the food we have

  • Love:
    1. The freezing cold winter
    2. Many restaurants
    3. How dark the night is

    1. The people. All of them. They're depressed, rude, and going no where in life
    2. There's nothing to do except watch a movie or eat
    3. No jobs. I have one but no one is hiring for anything

  • New Mexico. <3

    I Loooooove:
    -The mountains/scenery
    -The foooooood
    -The unique culture that we have

    I Haaaaaate:
    -The every day heat and humidity weather
    - The creepy crawlers
    - The colleges here suck... Where I'm at is considered a Private College but I still don't like it. If I wasn't months away from graduating I would've already left to another college.

  • Haarlem, Netherlands

    - The peace and quiet
    - The abundance of trees and plants throughout the city
    - The fact that it's close to the beach and also close to Amsterdam.

    - There's a lot of elderly people
    - There's nothing to do here at night
    - There's never-ending construction activities everywhere.

  • Lahore, Pakistan
    Things I love
    1. The traditional food
    2. All the places that have nice memories associated to them since I grew up here.
    3. My people <3

    Things I dislike
    1. Electricity Load shedding
    2. The traffic
    3. The crowd. Too many people moving into the city

  • Suburb:
    1. Hate the emptiness
    2. Hate the lack of people
    3. Hate the silence

    1. Like the cleanliness
    2. Like.., I got nothing
    3. Boooo I hate suburbs

  • Finland, Espoo

    Good things
    - Generally a safe place to live, the feeling of security. I can walk alone at night without fear and people return your lost wallet with all the money or try to find the owner.
    - Diversity: Close to the sea and many beaches, a lot of nature and countryside landscape, but also old mansions and modern urban concentrations.
    - You can either find a place to be all alone or surrounded by people.

    Bad things
    -Not a proper city centre, but multiple smaller ones with only the most necessary services and always the same popular chain stores. Want something a little different? Go to the capital.
    - Due to increased amount of immigrants there's not enough houses and it's extremely hard to get one.
    - The services are scattered around a big city and the public transportation sucks. And you literally have to take a bus to everywhere. :(

  • Tbilisi
    1. It's a capital city.
    2. Many different kind of people
    3. It is old and It is exotic

    1. Hot in summer
    2. Awful traffic
    3. Many people come here to live and It is noisy.

  • What I love:
    -The malls ('nuff said ๐Ÿ˜)
    - Starbucks
    - Good libraries
    What I hate:
    - Pollution
    - Noisy
    - Horrible traffic

  • I love the city nightlife, I love the academic institutions and I love the scary part the living on the edge the excitement New York City
    I hate the potholes I hate Manhattan traffic I hate the tourists

  • For Paris as well

    Things I like - The city itself, transportation (apart from the RER B lol), diversity

    Things I dislike - Too many people, the WEATHER, transportation closing at 1am

    • Seriously transportation stops at 1am? What time is bar close? Lol

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    • @akadatank44 where do u live?
      Well, that's one of Paris's wonders... either you take a bike like a big boy or you wait till transportation reopens at 5 am.

    • Wisconsin USA. Lol here if you take a bike yoh can still get a DUI Lol

  • Florida, USA.
    Things I like:
    1. The sunsets omg
    2. Publix
    3. Disneyworld and the beaches

    Things I hate:
    1. The weather is bipolar.
    2. The traffic on the highways...
    3. Humidity -_-

  • I live in Tucson, Arizona.
    1) I love how open minded the community is.
    2) I love the resources!
    3) I love the friends I have here!

    Things I hate:
    1) The heat.
    2) The scenery. I prefer greenery to desert.
    3) The lack of affordable sea food.

  • Love : it's very naturey, i can see so many stars at night, lakes and beaches

    Hate: traffic, construction everywhere and a lot of the people

  • I love:
    1) ! martial arts they have here
    2) Some of the people here
    3) My friends here

    I hate:
    1) crime
    2) high school
    3) some of the rude and mean people

  • Rn I'm in Chicago

    i love:
    The beach
    I hate:
    The gun violence
    The no values for education that mostly black children have
    There's a a lot of KKK organizations in the south of Illinois

  • Love:

    Best most popular city in the world

    The diversity

    The conveniences



    Tourists that stop in middle of the street to take a picture of a cat.

  • things i like :
    it's a little city, not a lot of people.
    It's calm
    The winter he have a lot of snow

    i don't like
    not enough shop
    no restaurant, no cinema, nothing
    The winter can be really rude even if I like snow sometime it's just too much

  • The diversity
    The food
    The hiking trials


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