How to deal with low self confidence?

i've been deal with low self confidence since i was a kid. i am 19 years old now. i always feel that i am ugly and never enough. i was fat and having lots of acnes back at the middle school years and felt so insecure because of that, and the result was i became so quiet. so i started to change myself, i did an unhealthy diet and also pushed myself to exercise, and my mom also bring me to a dermatologist to cure my acnes. right now i've been changed so much better and started to feel confidence about myself. i started to lead in the class, become more sociable and having lots of friends. until, i got a boyfriend. he is really nice to me, he seems loves me very much and he always being honest to me.
Last night, he was hanging out with 3 of his close friends (2 girls and one guy). and when he came back home we chatted. he told me what he is doing with his friends, and suddenly he said "one of my friend is acting weird today." i asked "why?" he said that his friend told him that his ex becoming prettier these days, and he said to his friend "so what?" and his friend replied "don't you regret breaking up with her?" he replied "why do i have to regret? it such a waste to have a pretty face but not having a great attitude, you just don't know her" and they both silent.
i don't know why it really hurts my feeling, i felt so insecure and felt ugly when hearing him told me like that even his response to his friend doesn't agree to what his friend saying.
so what i have to do to deal with my low self confidence? right now i feel so down, and seems losing my self confidence again... how to bring it back and feel good about myself?
sorry for bad English


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  • Think and focus on the good things about yourself!

  • You need to stop caring about what guys think about you. What counts is what you think about you. Focus on yourself. Look good for yourself, no to impress people. Life is not all about looks, dont focus on looking good all the time. Relax, put some sweatpants on wear no makeup, have a messy bun and just enjoy life.

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