Does anyone have info on LASIK?

I'm currently working overseas and I'll be home for 35 days shortly; how long does the process take, from first appointment to the actual surgery? What about recovery time and limitations? Like are you good to resume all activities after a few days? Weeks? Also how was the experience for you?


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  • hey i can tell my sisters it cured her eyesight very shortsighted for about eight years then started to change a little. the worst thing for her was the smell during the first eye the burning smell apparently. had to wear to googles at night and in the shower for a few weeks and sunglasses when any bright light in the uk not really a problem lol overall a good result but i felt there was more aftercare than they tell you xx


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  • The main worry is dry eyes or the very slim chance of blurry vision. Also, you will need reading glasses much sooner because you had the surgery. Your sensitivity to sunlight/UV will greatly increase.

    • I see, haven't heard those yet. But I also haven't been able to visit a doctor to ask these questions. But it's still worth it considering; my right eye is the worst, and its slowly bringing my left eye down, I can't do contacts and glasses are such a hassle in my line of work.

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