Why do other women want me to smile in my pictures/selfies?

I like to take selfies sometimes not smiling to show off my beauty but everyone seems to hate it when I do it. Like my mom and grandma, sister complain about it and my friends. Like fashion models do it and a lot of girls in general do it to show off how there face looks without a smile. I think women look very beautiful sometimes not smiling because you can see their face shape and beauty features better. I have high natural define cheekbones I like to show off and I can't do that with a smile. Why do they bug me about this almost making me insecure. I seen them compliment other girls who don't smile all the time in pictures but not me. They make me feel bad about myself sometimes. Also I get more compliments from strangers than from people I know. I have had famous fashion designer even like my pictures on Instagram. Roberto cavali liked my picture also a scout from next models


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  • I guess that is human's fault
    Some animals do not express their mood on face but human just think like that.


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