Why is being a lone traveller considered by others depressing?

Just got my BA degree recently and will travelling towards the end of this year. I just want to be alone and do some investigation on certain cultures (even live with them for a while and learned some of their language), ancient history and other things we might not know about yet.

Several friends and relatives didn't take the news happy when I told them I might not be coming back anytime soon. This is something that's going to take me years.

Apparently, they want me to live the normal life of a girl that find a date after finishing college, hangs out with friends and eventually gets married and have kids. Why is not wanting any of that depressing?

They all think I'm going to waste all my youth and even my mother is kinda of sad about the possibility of never having grandkids.



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  • It's natural for your family to want to keep you around and worry about you if you venture out into the world completely solo.

    That said, I think doing this might be the best move in your life. There's no way given your ambitions that you could be stuck in that place all your life and not regret it.

    I had similar parents who didn't want me to travel abroad. I imagine I'd be stuck in a small town if I didn't make the bold decision to leave and travel on my own.

    That said, you might find at some point that you want to settle down. I never thought I would, but eventually did.

    In any case, I don't think it's a healthy influence at the moment. Your parents don't understand that kind of drive you have and the kind of cruelty they would inflict if they just kept you at home forever. They should hopefully come to understand why it was so important to you in the future if you do make this decision.


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  • I don't think its sad

    • Thanks. Apparently, they think it's sad that I don't have a romantic life and that I'll waste my youth.

      I've noticed how some relationships have been going on and some people not knowing what they want that dating has become pointless.

    • Rh, you'll find someone eventually, live yout lifr noe

  • People are bad enough when you have the audacity to be in town alone and fancy a spot of lunch. The sickly understanding "table for one..." it's like dude, let me be alone for 5 minutes. My mates are always with me, I carry them around in a little metal and glass box inside my pocket. I need space!

    • Exactly...

    • Just go out and do your own thing. Experience life and fly!

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  • Eh, why would it be? That's totally normal.

    In the end, you are the one who determines how you feel about yourself and other people. It's true that nothing can hurt you unless you let it. Unfortunately, many loners have a problem with being loners.

    These involuntary loners have a problem with themselves firstly because they aren't accustomed to being alone.

    No worrires, wishing you the best of luck.

    • True and here I am, wishing to be alone and not bothered by people talking loudly on their cell phones, seeing how some relationships are going south, not wanting to be called by friends asking me when I'll be coming their next hang-out,, etc.

  • I would just be very worried about you. If course there's nothing wrong with going alone and it's a journey to self discovery as well but you will be alone in foreign places. You could get lost or hurt and going alone can be dangerous

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