Tips for triangle based pyramid structure with wooden skewers?

Hello :)

I have to make a triangle based pyrimad with wooden skewers, the base has to be 1m x 1m x 1m...
It has to be strong/stable because I need to hook 1kg weight in the middle (if it can hold it)...
One wooden skewer is 25,5cm and I'm allowed to bind it with.
Parts loaded with presssure forces can be materialized with skewers, parts loaded with pulling forces with rope. The connection between the skewers needs to be made by rubber bands or glue gun.

Any tips for (a) good structure (s)? maybe pictures? Cause I didn't find good ones on the internet...


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  • Maybe repeating triangles almost like a fractal pattern, but fill in the negative space.

    I built a structure like this (but with the empty spaces filled) in high school using chopsticks and won the school-wide competition. It sustained almost 80 kilograms before it broke.

    • Second place was only 32 kilograms. I just took the idea that triangles made strong structures and went crazy with it.

    • Wow awesome! Thanks for answering!

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