If you ever have kids, how do you think you'll handle things like their first date, first party, first relationship (and sex eventually)?

I'm not really one to treat boys and girls differentely and I don't even know if I'll ever want kids , but if I do, I really think I'll be more protective of a daughter than a son..


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  • I wanna have an older son and a younger daughter so that he can protect her and me and him could gang up on her dates :D


  • well , i would freak out a little when i realize that they have become old enough to be dating and stuff. that would mean iam freaking old !! any way i think it would be harder with girls. i would be sooo protective sure. and i would be sooo jealous about the sex part. i dont wanna even imagine that would happen.. my girl is gonna be a cute little angel for ever...

    • LOL, keep telling yourself that.. It's the only way you'll sleep at night.

    • hahaha , denial can be beneficial sometimes... and u dont have to be mean :D

  • I'll yell at them all the time.

    • Worst case scenario: you'll traumatize them with your sarcasm and your fancy words. LOL, Best case scenario: you'll raise them to be real cool ;)

  • I dont even want to think about it. I'm very protective. Lol

    • Nah! you just say this now.. but most dads don't like to make their daughters unhappy, now a son on the other hand, us a different matter

    • It's true but I will make sure he meets me first and have a little private talk xD

      Hahha that I will give him tips and tricks

  • I don't even want to think about it right now lol.

    • Hahaha, will you have a meltdown if you do? lol

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    • A son? Well, Im gonna raise his ass right and do whatever I can to keep him out of jail. Just like a daughter if I have one I'll put them through martial arts at a young age and prepare them for the dangerous world so they can protect myself. I would want my daughter to use it to avoid getting raped if the day comes and my son to know how to handle his business of course. But as a dad I'll probably step in anyway to make sure they're safe. I get protective... I'm like this with my mom, anytime I feel she faces possible danger I get ready to fight.

    • Protect theirself*

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