What do you think about east asian?

I still want to hang My CFP licence on a financial group as part time job but I find maybe some of them mess it up that become I keep it without going to some course maybe due to some system changed to trace it back making the error however I dont care anymore but feel lost a thing to do.
In my state now. I need to find soul mates to walk through the bored time but look around them
When I want to talk about how to own happiness from soul they start dont understand what I talk about. They always talk about stuff, It is like a work of art, they dont know what is the value actually.
They just know westerner liking it so in their view, it can keep price. So they enter the market to buy it So that those art can not send to those who really want it. How do you think about them?
I certainly consider the reality way they develop but I think that will not never come from soul.


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  • what do you think about not caring what race someone is when it comes to relationships and friendships

    • But I see them so it is so hard dont let me think about it. It is just happening to I cycle them and they are Asian and consider where I am. Almost of them are east Asian.

  • I don't undrestand your question

    • My theory is base on their postcolonialism they accuse westernerbut I am against it, It is fake theory I feel but I think there are many informations. So it is long but that can explain why do they still keep dirty market that can not improve. But I just want to have a full soul life these days. So I am in the environment, feeling it so strong.

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