How can you get over making an irresponsible mistake?

I made a very careless mistake of missing an assignment when it was due. I did not acknowledge its existence until the class was over. I feel embarrassed, stupid, and depressed over it given that I want to pursue a law degree :( How can I get past this?


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  • I still have nightmares like this. When I was in university one time, I fell asleep in the library studying and actually slept through an entire class during finals. I ran in as the class was finishing all panicked and lied to the professor and said I got into a car wreck to re-take the exam.

    He allowed me to do so and I aced it, but I was haunted about that for years and still occasionally have nightmares about it.

    One of the things I felt I did wrong when I was in uni was that I didn't develop any kind of relationship with the professors. I was the kid in the corner always studying, always paranoid about ruining a perfect 4.0 GPA.

    As a result, I made things far more stressful than it should have been and also deprived myself of really absorbing some of the material. I was great at getting good grades, I realized later in my career that there were many things that evaporated from my head that I had to relearn.

    I would try to communicate with your professors more. They can be understanding people sometimes and give you a second chance.

  • You will with time.

  • "How can you get over making an irresponsible mistake?"



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