How do I get my brain back?

i used to do well in school. Now I'm about average.

I just got my mark back for a course. I failed the exam (just by a few percent).

This NEEDS to stop. I want my brain back but I just don't know how. I cannot seem to focus the same way I used to.

A lot of the technical stuff I seem to have trouble because it's such convoluted material but I never had trouble before.

What should I do?


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  • You might have a different kind of learning style.

    The puzzle to me to absorb subjects in school was always to find a way to make them interesting to me. For example, physics might have been a dry subject for me except I was into programming video games and found a lot of it applicable.

    Some history textbooks get really dry but you can start to build an interest watching history channel documentaries about the historic events that took place. Suddenly the textbook seems a little more interesting, and you get some extra information to fill in gaps.

    Advanced math can be extremely dry but I found a way to relate it to visual puzzles (I find I tend to be a more visual person).

    Last but not least, something I wish I did instead of studying away in a corner was to build relationships with my teachers/professors. You can ask questions after class, talk to them about the subjects, etc. I'm sure they'd love that. It'll help make the whole experience more enjoyable and help you learn the subjects better.

    • Mainly if a subject seems difficult to absorb, try attacking them from different angles. You don't just have to learn a subject from your textbook, you can look up different sources as well (Google, documentary films, etc) to help understand the text within.

    • try attacking them [/it]

  • "A lot of the technical stuff I seem to have trouble because it's such convoluted material but I never had trouble before. "

    Welcome to "Concepts", they do not work like "Facts", so your brain didn't change but the material did. As you delve deeper into specializations you will need skills that no longer work with just rote elements. You can cheese your way through Calculus for instance but good look trying that with Combinatorics or Discrete Math.

    • No I used to do fairly well in Economics which isn't really a rote memorization sorta subject to begin with.

      I've lost my sharpness of my brain. I can't write tests the way i used to.. it's scary

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    • I am not ancient lol I am still a young girl.

      Hmm I think honestly that Econ at my school was taught particularly difficult. My school had high standards for business and Econ was a part of our coursework. I don't think they were easy electives

    • Human intelligence caps out at about 12 or 13 and begins a steady decline for the rest of the life. You would be at least 12 years beyond that point and the decline is sort of like the ascent, it is somewhat rapid and then slowly stabilizes but actually your brain is getting smaller: So... yeah. You are indeed getting slightly dumber every year, year over year, and you will until you die. Presuming you are at least 25.

      I cannot say as I've not seen the curriculum and what is hard for one is easy for another etc. so I don't know. What I can say though is that as you progress you will meet greater resistance not only from the course, the subject, and the data but also from yourself, your own health, and the reality of slow deterioration.

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