Brexit possible vote Fraud. What do you think?

This nice vote counter seems to be rubbing out a vote and adding a new one.

And they apparently didn't use pens. Only pencils were provided in the polling booths.

So? what do you think?

I think right now leave is winning 51.6% to 48.4%. But there is still a lot of votes to be counted.


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  • Glad they are leaving/left
    It is about time the world stands up against the globalist schemes, and banking elite

  • Nope

  • Votes have to be marked in pen, so they cannot be erased

    • haven't been there. Seems like many people that were there say it's possible.

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    • I'm watching it live on Sky and the BBC which is essentially the country's media. They have at least one representative in all of the counting rooms. We're not a massive place so it's more manageable for them than in the States or Canada. Just wait until tomorrow and people will be claiming it's swung the vote either way lol

    • I'm watching the referendum from the telegraph. I know there is little possibility for vote fraud. I still don't think there is no possibility of it at all. still, very unlikely.

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