I need hair advice?

I have hair that's right above my boobs. My split ends are awful usually. I've been trying to grow it for 15 months. I have a long distance boyfriend and I want him to come home with me looking very hot with long hair. I try to give up the heat but I can only go a few days and I don't feel attractive at all. I end up wanting to chop it off more. I want to cut it again but I'm afraid guys will think "Woah she got less hot". Especially my boyfriend. How can I decide and feel confident?


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  • Split ends are not attractive. What's his preference? Does he like long hair better on you?
    You need to cut few cm anyways. It will look way better without loosing a lot of length.

    • I've never had super duper long hair with him. Last time I cut it be told me it's what he prefers. But I think he loves everything I do with it.

    • Then cut few cm and that's it!👍

  • I would recommend just trimming up the ends and finding a few messy updos that you like.