Can my friend SUE in this situation?

Can you sue someone for griefing you at work. Im talking about intentionally picking on someone because of their appearance (ex. height) Intentional harassment, belitteling and physcoligical abuse.


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  • I'm not sure if you can sue (you probably can), but you can report them to H. R.

    • it's too late to report them to HR. Im pretty sure someone made a complaint about them because they called a meeting and asked us directly if any of us had a problem with them as managers leading me to believe that someone said something to HR.

      Even so, if a lawyer were to ask the employees what the managers were like and it turned out to be negative would that be as good as reporting them to HR.

      After the supposed HR report he thinks happened I think they targeted him: A: because of his appearance (which he already told me that they messed with him for that) B: He wasn't performing to their standards so they automatically assumed it was him.

      If anyone were to report them it looks like they'll call a staff meeting and try to intimidate you, and it's a job that reuqires a lot of employee/manager interaction to get the job complete

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