I want to run away, what should I do?

So pretty much I'm depressed as hell and I just want to get away from everything! I want to pack up a tent, some food and just go somewhere quiet where I can be by myself for a week or so then I will be back. I just don't want to sea with things right now... but it's not like my life is bad, I'm doing well at school, I have really good friends who care, and I have a boyfriend. I just feel crap!
should I run away?
If so, what should I take? And how many days?
(And by the way New Zealand is quite safe and has a lot if bush that you can hide in so I would be fine)


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  • Lmfao at last part

  • why do you feel like crap? :/

    • Just a lot of stuff been going on. I got punched by my ex best friend a month ago and that hit hard. I've had boy troubles. I'm really really really homesick. I've always been kinda depressed. School is stressing me out and life in general is stressing me out.

    • i can understand, but dont give up, have some hope. im sure you can make it

  • Don't be so sure about the lack of danger.

    Have any idea about what makes you feel bad?

    • I know there is still quite a bit of danger around but it's quite easy to go somewhere safe and secluded. I have enough money to get on a bus and train to go back up to my hometown where I can easily live in one of my old huts haha.

      There's a lot of stuff making me feel crap. I got punched by my ex best friend, she's after my boyfriend and making me feel crap, I'm homesick, school is stressing me out, life in general is stressing me out, and I've just been really depressed since primary school because of bullying

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