Is flaking on plans now the new norm?

Flaking on dates, plans with friends, even business meetings and constantly canceling plan. And if not flaking , being like 3 hours late. Is this the norm behavior of people? I've gotten so tired of this, that I've started kindve doing it myself lol.

Also, do you consider it okay to cancel plans with someone if you find something more fun to do for the night? I cancelled a date with a girl last night because I got invited out to the bars by some friends. I told her the truth but lied about it being a prior commitment I forgot about. This is the first time I've ever done this, usually I stay with my plans. How many people do this?

The frustrating thing is you make plans with people and the other person doesn't and probably decides to do something else and makes a lame ass excuse like I did. So you've freed up your entire evening and the person you had plans with cancelled on you... last minute and you end up sitting at home the rest of the night by yourself. It's almost to the point nowadays you can count on. And People tell me to make plans with two people or groups of people and then cancel with the least exciting option. Is this what the world has come to?


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  • The only time I follow through with plans is when they are made that day. For example, Friday morning plans are made for Friday night, plans will stand. But because I know this about myself, I never make plans. I just say, hit me up on Friday and let me know if you're still going out. The longer I have to think about the plans, the less I want to do them!


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  • Yes.

    • Seems like it.

    • Which reinforced the word "yes". Is this supposed to start a conversation? Because that was a really weak convo starter. I mean why affirm what I just said? That's lame bro. So lame.

    • No I'm agreeing with you.

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