Can the midwife talk to my boyfriend about our baby?

what i am asking is when i go into labor at home as i am having a home birth can my boyfriend call the midwife for me or do i have to call her myself i am just wondering will they even talk to him about the labor if i am unable to call due to the contractions
thanks to anyone who answers

ps this is my first baby


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  • If she knows him, has already met him etc and she knows he's involved, it will be ok. But whether she's met him or not, just tell her beforehand that he'll be calling at the time, not you.
    You might be ok to call during contractions though, just not to have a proper conversation. But just to say hi I'm in labour will probably be ok.
    I just had my first and my boyfriend was able to speak to some of the people for me.

    • thank you for replying i was just wondering really if my boyfriend would be able to talk to the midwife on the phone in my place if i am unable or just if i just want him to do it for me

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    • Oh wow! Well done :) congratulations on your little girl. I wish you all a wonderful future together. Enjoy her, I know everybody says it, but this time really does go so fast. Take lots of pics and enjoy every moment 😀

    • thanks and her daddy has taken so many pictures of her already i think she is camera shy now lol but we are all happy and i hope for a happy future together

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  • You'll have to give permission for her to talk about your and the baby's condition because you're not married.

    • really do u but it does not matter now as i have had the baby and i did not need to give consent he was able to call and everything and the midwife happily told him everything

    • She disobeyed federal law. Good for her. The specific law violated is the HIPAA patient privacy law that carries with it substantial penalties.

    • i do not think so as i am with my baby's father and she knows he is the father plus he is in the records as father

  • Talk to the midwife and let her know your concerns. I should think they should be amenable to your needs, if they are not, find a new midwife maybe?


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