How to cope with negative emotions?

Hello GaG.

I have in a 4 month period had a lot of dysfunctional thinking, including over-thinking misfortunes of my future and generally just having dark thoughts about everything. I believe these thoughts are induced by servere loneliness and and perhaps depression. After I got into a relationship with my absolute dream girl, it has only gotten worse. I keep questioning my relationship and thinking of the end of it when she's not around.

I haven't seen my girlfriend for 17 days till yesterday where she came by my place, had sex for the first time and overall had a great time together. Not only is she my girlfriend, but also my bestfriend, a temple of safety, appreciation and love.

Before she left my house she told me we wouldn't see each other for another 14 days. I honestly don't know how the hell I am supposed to live with another two weeks of loneliness, stress and anxiety. All my 'buddies' have been for a long time and will remain unavailable.

I honestly feel abandoned right now, although I am in fact not, but I guess that's the dysfunctional thinking taking over once again.

Anyone got any advice on how I can possibly make myself less miserable while ''injecting'' another shot of loneliness into my veins?


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  • Take a deep breath. Remember, she said she'd see you in 14 days, not never again. Focus on a hobby if you have one, play video games, or pick up a new interest. Negative emotions are healthy, as long as you recognize the point that they become irrational. There was actually an article in the the magazine Psychology Today about the positive effects of negative emotions. You already know that you're experiencing them and though you have good reason to, you also realize they are a bit extreme, so you're ahead of the game. Being lonely forces us to spend time with ourselves, which then forces us to nitpick all our flaws. You can only do this for so long, before you're harming yourself emotionally. It becomes necessary to distract ourselves... that's where the hobby come in.

  • I have my own methods about It:
    1. I exercise
    2. I write poetry
    3. I listen to the music and dance like no one's watching.
    4. I call my friends and we go out
    5. I talk with other people about their problems, helping others helps me to solve my own ones.
    6. I play with my little cousin (she's 1 years old and we are good friends haha)


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  • Lifter and get it in

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