Tips for staying awake longer?

It is 8 in the morning, and I'm trying to get back into a regular sleep habit. To do this I want to wait until 9 or so pm to fall asleep. If I sleep now, I won't be able to sleep later. Lately I've been staying up until 4 AM and waking up at 2 PM, but I want to change that.
What are some tips to keep me awake and pass time? I don't drink coffee or energy drinks, but I do have green tea if that can help. I've got a laptop and coloring books (and a headache). What can I do?

... For the record I have already been awake for 18 hours. If I can make it to 9 pm, I will have been awake for 31 hours. My record is 36, so it is doable, but that was when I had plenty of oolong tea. I can't rely on that now.


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  • The chance of you not falling asleep accidentally is much higher if you take a short nap. There's something called the NASA-nap because it was developed by NASA for its astronauts. The scientists there found out that sleeping exactly 28 minutes is the perfect length of a nap. If you sleep for this amount of time, you will feel much more energized than if you just try to stay awake and you will also feel more refreshed than if you nap for 1 or 2 hours.

    Apart from that, fresh air is always very helpful. Try to keep the windows open in your room. Green tea does contain Caffein (it's actually called Teein to be exact) but not very much. If you want to have a real caffein bomb, drink English Breakfast tea or Early Grey. They contain the most caffein among all types of tea. Doing an activity with another person can also help you stay awake, whether it is outside or inside. And if nothing else helps, take a cold shower.
    If you eat something, try to eat something light (for example a salad). Carbs make you feel full and heavy and will make you want to lie down and sleep.

    • I took a "nap"... I slept for 12 hours. :/

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  • Green tea has caffeine so that helps. Take a pain reliever for your headache because the headache is just going to increase your want for sleep.

    Stay in areas that are brightly lit, like outside. Avoid comfortable furniture, do not step foot into your bedroom and don't even think about lounging on a couch.


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  • Just keep very busy. Go on your laptop, do house work, go out the house, do stuff to your hair, just do anything to keep yourself occupied. If you're just sitting there it's much easier to feel tired and fall asleep when you don't want to.