Anybody see the new Independence day?

how was it? is it worth the twenty bucks to go watch it?


this gives the back story of whats been going on in the ID4 universe.
It was fun. not as good as the original but fun. I would wait till its on redbox or something.


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What Girls Said 1

  • Omg, when did it come out? I WANT TO WATCH IT.
    How long do movies play in a movie theatre for?

    • it came out yesterday. also it just depends how good a movie is doing. id say a good movie can be found in theaters for I don't know 3-4 months. i have a cheapo movie theater in town that plays old movies and they play movies from six months ago.

    • I hope it is worth the money. I LOVED the first Independence Day movie and I will be super pissed if it isn't good.

What Guys Said 2

  • Haven't yet seen it. I do want to see it but I dunno if it's worth going to the cinema for it or if I should just wait to download it.

    • first showing is in three hours. i might go see it but the reviews are terrible online.

    • Then I'm just gonna download instead.

  • $20 ? Where are you from Manhattan? It's probably good but I'll just go on Tuesday for $7 on Long Island , lol. The first one was good so I'll check it out

    • man i can take a thirty minute drive out of the city to my home town and it would cost about 7 bucks but then id waste and hour and gas and car depreciation so i think its just worth it to see it in the city. believe me i was shocked to find out how much movies cost here.

    • Yeah in your case it wouldn't be worth it but I already live in the suburbs and the movie theatre is a mile away so unless I want to see an IMAX movie I'll never pay that😊

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