Do you believe in lizard people 🐍?

Welcome to Pac-Man's tin foil hat hour. I am your host, Larj Packagé. there's a popular theory going around according to which our leader are reptilian overlords who feed on human flesh. 12 million Americans believe in this theory, and are ridiculed for it.
Do you believe in lizard people 🐍?
But why do people think that this theory is so farfetched? WAKE UP SHEAPLE! The signs are all around you. Have you ever wondered why all successful politicians are grotesque looking? Take a look at the following evidence my sources at Gugal have uncovered.

This is a healthy young human being with a citrus complexion, or so the lizard people want you to believe. But take a closer look at the picture. Notice something odd? Its a well documented fact that lizards can't grow hair. What you can see in this picture is a hair piece flying right off the head of a successful businesslizard Donald Trump. But there's more.

Get a load of this lizard with a full set of healthy man eating teeth. UKIP lizard overlord Nigel Farage was recently successful in dividing the Ununited Kingdom. The people there are now known as lizard food. RIP.

Does this overwhelming evidence from Gugal make you believe in the lizard people conspiracy? If it doesn't you're probably a lizard person as well, in which case, please don't eat me! I have a wife and kids! Eat them! Thats all for today folks, until we meet again. The truth is somewhere near here (totally not paraphrasing the X files. No, you're stupid, shut up)


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  • I can now crawl out of my hole in the desert.


    • Long live Maxemeister! Until a bigger lizard comes along and eats him *cough*

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    • Lawyers are cold blooded and so are lizards. Lizard people confirmed.

    • I don't discriminate between lizard people and mammal sheaple.

      I need a lawyer airstrike inbound now

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