Got in argument with my boyfriend Advice?

My boyfriend is overseas right now on deployment. We just started dating about 3 weeks before he left. We have not gotten really close but we have been hanging out and spending time together with each other. He told me before he left that when he comes back we are going to spend more time with me and that we were going to be in an actual relationship. The day before he left we got into this big argument and that was the last time I heard from him. Now I do not know if when he comes back if he is going to want to talk to me because of our argument or if anything that he told me about waiting for me was true. I just don't want to wait all of this time for him to come back and he not want to be in a relationship with me or have someone else that he falls in love with. I think that I am just over reacting but some of this stuff I should consider Advice?


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  • What was the argument about? Was it something stupid, because you, and/or he were nervous, and afraid that you might never see each other again? People often do REALLY stupid things, under a lot of pressure, and fear!!
    Were you afraid, maybe, or angry, that he was leaving, but also terrified, that you might never see him again, liking him more than you wanted to admit?
    If any of the above are true, even just a little, call him, there, and tell him, apologize, and say what you really feel!!
    Don't hold on to this 'Not Knowing' SHIT!! If you care at all, call him, and talk with him, and work it out!!
    If you really want him to come back to you, just telling him, calling him, might make all the difference!! He might think more about taking stupid chances, if he knows you are waiting for him!
    If nothing else, call and talk with him, and give him some reminder of home, and make him look forward to coming back!!
    I know some guys that served, and having something to come home to is one of the best motivators to be careful, and stay alive in those horrible places!!

  • As a vet myself that's the very worst time to have an argument. All you can do is keep writing him and put perfume on the letters


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