I ended things on a bad note with someone, I said I hate you? I mean Is it THAT bad?

Its just pure honesty, besides it being a little 10year oldish this is how i felt after this person betrayed me. It was usually more to do with lies, i couldnt trust them so when parting ways, they said to me that they wish me the best. This is what triggered anger in me since they lied about so many stuff even the littlest things, i felt they were even lying about wishing me the best. i never did name calling but only saying "we both know you just a liar." but i said things like "i literally fucking hate you."


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  • It's more like you hate their actions


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  • I can tell with your own Heart of Gold, @hawiiangroove, that this Bothers You Immensely.
    I understand Explicitly what You mean. I had something happen to me in like a "Similar way" the Other day, but I Politely Gave a Helpful Hint that I was Hurt and that I am No longer Trusting of this Person.
    You didn't handle it with Kid's gloves, you Allowed your own Head to Rule over your Heart this time.
    However, if you Feel it was a Deal of a Closure, then let it Go and let God. Let this Be a Lesson in Life that You have just Learned, that God and You are the only Two in this Whole World you can Trust.
    She gets the 'Hint' Now so let her Go home and Think about the Best of the Rest who is Gone.
    Good luck. xx

    • Ugh i just love your opinionss!!! <3 thank you so muchh!

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    • You're so welcome and I look forward to anything I can do to be here for you.. even in messaging. xxoo

    • Thank you for the Vote of Confidence, hun!! xxoo

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  • the question is, is it true? If it's true then what's the problem? you're leaving them with a true image of your stance.

    • Yes its true. Stance?

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    • Its saying kind of like i'd care what people think of me in away.

    • I certainly understand wanting people to think well of you. Just remember, that doesn't mean you are beholden to them.

      It's ok to be honest and blunt.

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  • Who cares, it's over now, move on. They hurt you, you said something hurtful... done.

    • HURTFUL? I mean do people really take hate that serious? LOL

    • Usually not, but it's still not nice to hear.