Why am I so sad?

I don't even know why I'm sad. When I try to think of reasons I may be sad I can't find none and I feel like my life is perfect. Not as in I have a yacht and 3mil just like everything is good in my life even with the minor problems I shouldn't be this sad. I was watching NCIS yesterday and it wasn't even a sad episode (I've actually seen it twice) and I started crying on the last part which is supposed to be the emotional scene. And earlier today I was watching a funny video and I started crying while watching it, but it was funny and even though I don't know why I am sad I feel sad. I feel like I do when I actually am sad, but I can't think of a reason to be sad because I my life is actually on track and I have so many great things going on and starting up and I just started a new job I absolutely love. I hate randomly crying and feeling sad especially when I don't know the reason and it's usually when I'm alone. Like when I'm alone for 30 minutes I usually feel great, but then I just get sad and cry over random things. I literally cried because my cereal got soggy and it's super annoying.

It's been going on for about a few days and I usually never cry. I say usually because when I laugh hard I start crying and I used to do that all the time but it kinda stopped recently because I haven't laughed like that since I moved to a new state


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  • I'm not one to throw about the term "depression" because it's thrown around too easily these days, but you do sound depressed. Depressed people often go through a time they're just constantly down for no real reason. That's basically what depression is. It's not always because somebody has had a tough time. Especially the crying for no real reason and things like that.
    How long has this been going on for?

    • Not just the crying thing for the past couple days, I mean all of it.

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    • That might just be because you've been treated like an annoyance by others.

    • I understand

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  • Usually, the happiest people hide the sadness, and they don't realise themselves. To me, you sound depressed. Sure, I can say that I experience some of the shit you experience, but you need to speak out. Find a friend, someone on this website or even me to talk to; it allows your mind to be free.

  • Im the same way sometimes. I never cry around people and suppress it easily but when im alone crying here and there fills much of my time. Mostly at night though

    • I understand, but it's not because I'm suppressing it, I don't even feel like crying when I start crying it's out of no where.

    • You dont quite sound depressed but You may have some growing anxiety related to being alone.

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  • I dont know but I am afraid of myself become sentimental. I doubt I like the feeling. Somtimes I can jump out character but I still miss the character.
    Maybe you are sad when see beautiful thing that because you are afraid that it goes. That depend on what angle to see an event.