Quick question before I go to sleep?

I just made this meme to put on Instagram
And the question actually has me thinking about it...
I can't go to sleep unless i find out

Quick question before i go to sleep?

i was just thinking of a random question for ig and now i actually need to know...
Would we ever hit a floor... If earth fell?
Or would we just fall until we died or for all eternity


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  • lol what floor?

    we just gonna lose orbit and float about until we suffocate to death. I don't know

  • Yes, because we would be sooooooooo small in comparison of the rest of the solar system, we would be pulled and sucked in by the either the suns gravitational force or the next closest planets gravitational force (so either Venus or Mars).

    If we get pulled in to the sun... well I guess you can imagine what would become of us lol

    And if we get pulled in by another planet then hurrah our feet shall touch the ground of that planet.

    Though also in theory we's be long dead because of no oxygen.

    It's all science here :)

  • That question belongs with the weed smoke... In the air

    • Thanks for answering
      99% of my questions are anonymous so not many on here

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