I hate chickens, but I secretly breed them?

I got this problem, now I hate chicken meat, duck meat, or a turkey meat.

But I secretly breed them and sell em to a meat shop of a friend.

The question is what the hell am I doing with my life.

I really earn a lot of them but still I hate them?


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  • If I wanted to breed an animal I'll end up with a full farm all for me. lol
    Good thing you don't like them or else you will get attached and feel sad about them.


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  • But isn't your hatred only refined buy your profiteering? You hate them so much you're willing to kill them solely to make money. You're a real super villain!

    • I must be but now that you said that, I am afraid of the Vegan League, they will try to take my chickens, ducks and Turkeys. Must hide them shall relocate me farm. As you see Vegans in my country went full throttle. Must hide the chickens.

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  • I hate birds too but hey, it's a living. You can always bred another animals.

    • I feel you can't stand em but still they must be punished lol.

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