In the case of a fun, scary, horror Adventure, please pick your favorite! :-)? Thank you?

Writing a story and I need your help. After not living living a very positive life, Dan shrinks to a really tiny size. Who do you like best as the inadvertent antagonist, who could be a very tough obstacle for poor little Dan to overcome.
-Giant mother
-Giant little brother
-Giant grandmother
-Giant older sister.
Also add an idea that you think would be a funny situation for him to try to survive against this giant antagonist. Thank you much!😊🔎🐜🔍

  • Giant mother
    Vote A
  • Giant little brother
    Vote B
  • Giant grandmother
    Vote C
  • Giant older sister
    Vote D
  • Or no humans at all. Spider, frog, bird.
    Vote E
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Feel free to add any of your ideas. Thank you.


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  • As I'm feeling devious (?) I'm going to steal your idea.


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  • I think mother... She could be very repressive or something... Maybe he shrinks cause he makes him feel like that? I don't know ahahah

    • Haha yeah, someone who loves you so much would be a giant Terror to you LOL. The two things that I was thinking would be, 1, if she was vacuuming, or 2, I think it be funny if he fell into her drink!! And she grabs the glass and starts to drink!!!

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    • Bottom line, I think it'd be terrifying to actually shrink.

    • Maybe but you would have a very new perspective of things

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