What are some couples on tv that have a toxic relationship but is idolized by Hollywood?

I am doing an article on how Hollywood needs to stop glorifying toxic relationships and need examples. Already have:
Basically every relationship from gossip girl, including Chuck and Blair
meredith and mcdreamy from greys anatomy
bella and Edward from twilight
ana and Christian from fifty shades.


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  • Donald Duck and his partner and nephews and entire family.

    He's horrifically dysfunctional on every front.

    Coyote is a murderous stalker for Roadrunner.

    Tom and Jerry where the two have a Stockholm's relationship saving one another only to attempt to slay each other later.


  • See the movie "War of the Roses" with Michael Douglas and Kathleen Turner.

    • I will definitely check it out. I know that certain events in game of thrones was based on the war of the roses

    • No, this "War of the Roses" is about a dysfunctional married couple whose last name is Rose.

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