Girls, If you got a magic tool that make you invisible!! What would you do?

Are you going to girls/ guys bathrooms? Are you going to touch people's butts? What would you do?


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  • Women aren't obsessed with the girls bathroom like boys are, typically younger males who lack in maturity or any type of self-restratint get off on those kind of ideas.

    I'd find rich business people with cash safes, watch them put in the combinations, and then help myself when no one is home. Of course this would require learning everything and anything about their security systems which would be simple enough.
    Shopping spree.

    • Is it bad to wish to enter girls clothes room or bathroom?🤔

    • I'm just going to say we (girls) already know that's the first place guys would go if they were invisible. Good? Not for us. Expected? Always.

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  • None of those.
    I would probably go help people out

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